Brought up in West Africa by a family of travelling artistes Brett has been irreparably enhanced by this experience…
Dreaming in colour, rhythm and movement has helped to fashion his career.
After a tenuous relationship with school and a preference for rock-climbing and acrobatics; Brett hitch-hiked round the world (apart from the wet bits) at the age of 18.

A love for the environment led to a degree in Ecology  and documentary film work on sea and land, including work for TV programmes including BBC 40 Minutes. At the same time street theatre in the form of mime and dance was beckoning.

Brett Jackson trained at Lecoq in Paris and Centre National Arts Du Cirque at Chalon, building skills as a mime / acrobat.
Having directed projects in France he returned to England to work with Swamp Circus’ tented touring productions.
Brett has worked as a mime since 1984 and with Swamp has toured original contemporary circus productions since 1986.
Though working for dance, film and theatre companies Brett’s love is the travelling circus.